portraits with multiple exposure

In this project, photographer and filmmaker Thomas Radlwimmer combines the temporal dimension of motion picture with the static quality of photography.
The portrayed person is photographed at varying, for each character significant locations. During post-production the individual pictures are combined by digital multiple exposure into one single image. The overlapping of individual life worlds thus visualized creates an almost pictorial, but still in details discernible background. The blending of varying facial expressions in one portrait shows the multifacetedness of one person and at the same time epitomises the archetypal dimension of the human being. Radlwimmer chooses the title MEHRMAL [“severaltime”] paying homage to the director and photographer Wim Wenders, whose book EINMAL [“once”, “one-time”] depicts the philosophical dimension of photographs. There the portrayal of the moment becomes the symbol of life and death as well as the portrait of individuals both facing and operating the camera.
In a MEHRMAL, the timespan between photos merge (the time interval can be hours, but also years). Consequently, the complex philosophical aspects of each uniquely captured moment are condensed into a static image with the narrative quality of a film.
F.R. 2017